Highly recommended web hosting service?

+1 Yousif Almudhaf · January 29, 2016
Looking for a highly recommended web hosting service to subscribe with. I'm very new to this.

I noticed most web-hosting sites provide lots and lots of services such as cloud-storage and website-builders that end up adding to the costs of the annual subscription. I'm not going to use any of those services since I'll be developing the pages locally, then upload them to the server.

I think all I need is the space and bandwidth, but since I'm new, I don't know what else should I be looking for when choosing a web-hosting site.


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0 Oliver Russell · June 10, 2016
Hosting that supports server scaling is the best in my opinion. Why? simple reason is that it can be used for a longer term. If your website starts growing in traffic then you would need more server resources. If you are using a tradition shared hosting then you will need to buy another server option for that. But with IaaS you can do it with your available hosting option. If you are using a managed hosting platform, like Cloudways, then server scaling is as easy as using a slider.
+1 Scott Walker · June 13, 2016
I use Microsoft Azure, It can get expensive if your not careful but they have a web app free service that can be used. I run around 10 websites and it costs me nothing :-)
0 Robert Dowson · June 23, 2016
Hi Yousif,

For me, the reputation is very important in this business. Please read http://windowswebhostingreview.com/how-to-choose-reliable-asp-net-hosting-services/ for more information. As I use asp.net to build my site, then I will find hosting provider that support this feature. If you use php, then you can find hosting provider that support php. 

NOTE: Never go with free hosting! You must beware!
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