Overflow menu not appearing on bucky's 33 droid video deal

+2 Paul Miil · January 29, 2016
On Studio 1.5.1 the overflow menu will not appear on my virtual Design device. 
I set the little dude to android ver 21 and deleted ver 23 from studio.--reboot.
Re-did the tutorial, let the MainActivity extend ActionBarActivity (NOT AppCompatActivity)
Everything rendered/built fine, even though my activity_main.xml design-virtual-device would not show the stinking overflow menu.
I don't use AVD, I use USB with an old Android phone (4.0.3)

On RUN, the app loaded fine, but no overflow menu on the physical phone. However my physical menu button on the phone would activate the overflow menu.

Any suggestions on how to get the overflow menu button to appear on the actionbar? Or is there new "app bar" methods that need to be figured, and just let the actionbar issue go. Is there much difference between actionbar & appbar?

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0 muhammed fazil · February 22, 2016
Hello Bucky,
Could please help me on this , i am facing the same.

Thanks ,
Muhammd fazil
0 Gary Whitney · February 22, 2016
I think I read in one of the posts that it will not create the icon if the device has a dedicated menu button.
0 Jake E · February 24, 2016
Any luck?  I am having the same problem.  Sucks these tutorials aren't to the newest version of Android Studio as it's hard to follow along due to numerous differences between versions. 
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