Xhtml only accepts American spelled tags?

+3 Megos Unknown · August 3, 2014
So I was watching Buckys Xhtml and Css videos when at the 15 or 16th video, I got stuck. I couldn't get the style tag to work. I tried everything Checked the whole thing from top to bottom and it didn't work. Now opening it after some weeks. I saw that the color tag had been written by the British spelling(colour). I changed it to color(the American spelling) and it worked. And now I'm finished.

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+1 William Frost · August 4, 2014
I think you right but... something telling me that living in Israel this moment is more diffcult :)
+2 Megos Unknown · August 4, 2014
Living in a country that teaches us to learn British English, It becomes more difficult.
+1 William Frost · August 4, 2014
You damn right, this is racist!

Anyway, I think it bcuz who created Xhtml was american. Let me check it :)
+1 Megos Unknown · August 4, 2014
And they(the developers) didn't even think to put double spelling tags?
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