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+4 H. P. Lovecraft · August 3, 2014
Hello people!

Currently there is a huge issue that bothers me, and probably a lot of others trying to help other people with their code. Some people just copy past their code straight into their post and not into the code boxes/tags. It is really annoying to read someone else non-formatted code.

So I've got an idea! How about some smart code detection script? If a post includes certain characters or words that are used in different programming languages. A large pop-up dialog would appear telling the user something along the lines of. "Hey hoss, looks like you're trying to paste code, please paste it into a code tags with proper formatting" and show a little animation that shows how to do it (where to click etc).

There should also be an option to turn it off for more experienced users. Any thoughts? 

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0 H. P. Lovecraft · August 3, 2014
Yes, this should also definitely be implemented in the code tags. Like on codecademy.
+1 Jonah Morrison · August 3, 2014
Thats actually a really good idea! Another thing I noticed, im not sure if its just me or everyone, is I cant use the tab key inside the code tag. I just hit space 5 times? Any thoughts on this?
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