Do i need to set up the location of jdk again

+1 Umar Sk Pathan · January 26, 2016
Hi I am new in learning android app development . I have already learnt java from buckys tutorials . that time i already set up a path of jdk for eclipse . so can i use the same path or do i need to create a new one named JAVA_HOME for android studio using the same location i used as path for eclipse.???????????:ermm:

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+1 Jagdeep Matharu · January 26, 2016
Creating new variable "Java_Home" , "Java_Path" and like these are just convention,

You can create "Java_Home" and then can append in "Path" variable .

I prefer this way as in future if i need to change some path, then i dont have to dig up too deep. Rest its your choice
0 Nicholas Eason · January 26, 2016
If your previous JDK path still exists, then no.
0 acemary mary · January 27, 2016
It seems you indicated the wrong path, as java.exe is usually stored in Java\jdk\bin.
Try to change the path to the following:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_79\bin
See if it works and report back for further trouble shooting  |
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