SEO User Experience Ranking Factors

+4 Bucky Roberts · January 25, 2016
User Experience Ranking Factors

  • Page loading time

  • Responsive design

  • Easy to navigate (nice hierarchy), no spaghetti navigation

Website Metrics

  • Duration - if a person visits page and immediately clicks back, that page must suck

  • Bounce rate - if they only visit one page before leaving your site, it sucks (if they visit 20 pages, must be useful)

  • Uptime - won’t rank high if site is down all the time

  • Age - sites that have been around longer are more trustworthy

Note: this list is a work in progress

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0 Jay Deshaun · January 20, 2017
This list would be very useful.

I had to download an extension called Lighthouse to get the rank for my site.
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