SEO User Experience Ranking Factors

+4 Bucky Roberts · January 25, 2016
User Experience Ranking Factors

  • Page loading time

  • Responsive design

  • Easy to navigate (nice hierarchy), no spaghetti navigation

Website Metrics

  • Duration - if a person visits page and immediately clicks back, that page must suck

  • Bounce rate - if they only visit one page before leaving your site, it sucks (if they visit 20 pages, must be useful)

  • Uptime - won’t rank high if site is down all the time

  • Age - sites that have been around longer are more trustworthy

Note: this list is a work in progress

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0 Jay Deshaun · January 20, 2017
This list would be very useful.

I had to download an extension called Lighthouse to get the rank for my site.
0 Jacob Selvestar · April 6, 2017
There are almost 200+ rankinng factors Google has defined so if you want to get your website up in Google then you should consider below most important ranking factor as priority.

1. page Load Sped
2. Meta Title And Description Oprimization
3. Heading Tags Optimization
4. Sitemap.xml generate
5. Robots.txt update
6. W3c Validation errors
7. Mobile Friendly
8. Responsive Web Design
9. ALT tags optimization
10. Canonical tag optimization
11. WWW Resolve

All these are very much important ranking factors in SEO which you need to optimize for your website to get better rank in SERP.
0 Samuel Martin · April 23, 2017
Thank you for compiling this list. Now just today John Mueller from Google said that site age didn't matter. I beg to differ, but I do agree this criterion is overblown.Here's the source:
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