Problems with creating a Blank Activity

0 Chase Dawson · January 25, 2016
Whenever I attempt create a new blank activity I run into a very annoying problem. I am unable to change the app theme from AppTheme.noActionBar... it is very frustrating as I can't select themes like Holo.Light, Material.Light, etc. When I make a empty activity everything runs fine; however, I am unable, at least to my knowledge, to create things like an Overflow menu. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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0 Dinesh Reddy · January 26, 2016
Cannot Launch AVD Emulator

emulator: The memory needed by this AVD exceeds the max specified in your HAXM configuration.
emulator: AVD      RAM size = 1536 MB
emulator: HAXM max RAM size = 512 MB
emulator: You might want to adjust your AVD RAM size and/or HAXM configuration to run in fast virt mode.
0 Gary Whitney · January 26, 2016
The Blank activity uses toolbars. With the app theme NoActionBar.
If you change this to with ActionBar, but then the preview gave rendering errors. – Can’t find Classécor.ActionBar.
That is because Marshmallow uses ToolBars.

The Empty Activity doesn't use ToolBar it uses ActionBar.
I would change the Preview to use API 21 and use this when following Bucky's tutorials because he was using API21 at the time.
0 Chase Dawson · January 27, 2016
I've tried changing the preview to API 21 but I'm still having no luck. 
0 Paul Miil · January 28, 2016
I get the same problem. Even with API23
0 Gary Whitney · January 29, 2016
Today I downloaded an updated version of a book in my library.
A quick glance showed me that they were using API23 and they changed from starting with a blank activity to starting with an empty activity.

The point is:
Start with an empty activity if you are not going to follow the latest design standards. i.e. toolbars and floating snackbars.
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