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+2 Robert Summers · August 3, 2014
So I am learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. What else do you think is appropiate for a well paid job and what else do you think i should learn, I was thinking about HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery and Angular.js etc. 

Thanks for the help in return. 

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0 Jonah Morrison · August 3, 2014
Learn HTML5. Its very similar to HTML and is a lot easier. Same with CSS3. jQuery is an easier version of Java Script. And AJAX if you want to talk to your server without reloading the page.

0 Robert Summers · August 3, 2014
Thank you, do you know what angular, .net is 
0 Jonah Morrison · August 3, 2014
0 Robert Summers · August 3, 2014
Do you know of any good tutorials where people actually explain how to program like bucky for .net, angular.js etc. I know there are more. Thanks for all the help. I was looking at a few jobs online aswell near me and found that i need the following skills:

UI/UX Design
Front/Backend Development
PHP (I know some basics but can you include php code in html and how?)
Python (That's something different to website design isn't it, I have some knowledge of this too)
Perl and Ruby (What is this?)

Thanks in Return. 
0 Jonah Morrison · August 3, 2014
By making tasks in Java Script easier it jQuery makes Java Script easier.
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · August 3, 2014
HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery) and a little PHP

It's all I use for my web development job. I dibble dabble in C# and ASP.NET.
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