How to Upload image with PHP/MYSQL on Android studio

+2 Azat Akmyradov · January 24, 2016
Hello. I want to make app which uploads image from android phone to the server. It should have two layouts. First must show upload form. Second must show uploaded images and name. Can you help me how to make this app?

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0 Addon Solutions · February 8, 2016
Hi Azat go through this link you can found solutions of your problem
0 Jeffrey Briceno · January 28, 2016
Are trying to upload images from an android device to a Web site such is building in php? 

That is the only thing that I can imagine.

Is if that, you need two separate things,  an android system to upload files in an remote server, after uploaded, the site in php show the images. Mysql have no clue why you want that.
0 David Frenzel · January 27, 2016
You won't receive full source code here. What have you done/tried so far? 

I don't really know why you'd want to use PHP or MySQL to upload images to a server through an app. You'd use PHP if you created a website but not a mobile app. MySQL is a database which stores information not files, so why do you want to use it?
0 abhishek murthy · January 25, 2016
uploading data to the server using mobile using php and sql?
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