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0 abhishek jain · January 24, 2016
i am an intermediate i have created a game tic tac toe for android . i have a connection option for bluetooth multiplayer but i want to enable multiplayer over internet . i am new to server and client apps . can you please help me with it.

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+2 Nicholas Eason · January 24, 2016
Well, first you need to establish one person/player as the server. The person would need to connect to said server, and send that person their moves. Bucky has a video about a chat application that explains the client/server code fairly well. It's at the end of the "Java - Intermediate" section. However, with it being in Android, it'll be a little trickier, don't forget to add the permission to use the internet in the proper XML! (I haven't done Android in a while, so I dont remember the specifics, sorry :()
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