Getting An Entry Level Job As A Programmer

+3 Vaughan Testa · January 22, 2016
Hey Guys Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. 
I have a quick question to anyone who has completed the C++ tutorials of Bucky's. Is this going to be enough to get an entry level job in programming or would I need to do a lot more, and if so what do you suggest. 

Thanks Guys.

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+1 Hamza Nasim · February 29, 2016
I think c/c++ is just a basic tool for creating understanding in programming and developing a sense of how to design algos and work with the syntax. You need to practice more and more and go for advanced courses like object koriented programming and data structures and algos analysis!!! Hope it helps!!!
+1 Laura Lee · January 22, 2016
Bucky is a terrible teacher and has no idea what he's talking about, so I would say no.
0 Minh Nguyen · January 22, 2016
I don't think it's enough. You should get a look at algorithms and STL containers like vector, queue, stack, list , etc. I think there is a course in about algorithms from Sedgewick, really helps!
0 MrHobby Bot · January 24, 2016
Yea you'll need more.

First off, anyone who is hiring is going to want you to show them some past work, hobby projects and such.

You'll be verbally tested on what certain types of things in programming are and how they work, as well as likely given some actual code tests like those found here:

You should also take a look over here and join there forums for more info:
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