Issue with changing Theme.

0 Kyle Ratliff · January 21, 2016
I was watching one of Bucky's tutorials on Android App development, and encountered an error when he switched the  theme to "Material Light".

Here is a Snipit of the error that I encountered. Any Ideas how to fix this? Also, the emulator in the background doesn't populate the designs as it is supposed to.

Here is a link to the video at the part he switches the theme.


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+1 Ali Yavuz · January 21, 2016
i just had the same problem, you need to choose empty activity instead of blank when creating new project. ? have no idea why this solved my problem :D i am a very new learner like you, i hope we can deal with this course :D
0 charles rajesh · January 22, 2016
ya. in mashmellow api23 i am also having the same problem.please help anyone to resolve this problem.
0 Roberto GutiĆ©rrez · January 26, 2016
I just tested what Ali Yavuz said and it worked like a charm. I am really gratefull. I spend a full fcking day trying to solve that xD. 

However, it would be really interesting to know why it is failing O.o
0 Paul Miil · January 27, 2016
:blink: I spend half the day, deleting and reinstalling Studio, screwing with settings, installing every stinking available option... exact same error.
I'm running windows 10, perhaps there's a stability issue?.. I don't want to change OS"s again.
Next change in OS is back to linux. 
0 Chase Dawson · January 27, 2016
The only problem that I've found with switching to a new theme is that the menu folder doesn't appear under the resource I don't know how to make the overflow menu :(
0 Gary Whitney · January 27, 2016
AP23 represents another major shift in design change. Away from action bars and toward tool bars.
Blank Activity creates an activity with the assumption that you want to use the latest design standard.
If you are following the tutorials which were create at AP21, and you downloaded API23, you don't want to start with a blank activity like the videos.

It is interesting to note that people had similar issues on stackoverflow when action Bars became the new design standard.
0 Paul Miil · January 28, 2016
Any solution to getting an overflow menu to function?
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