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+4 Ken Burgess · January 21, 2016
Where do I find the code for this tutorial.  I screwed up and I want to check your code against mine.  Both html and css.

Thanks for your help!


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0 Chev Chelios · April 7, 2016
Which tutorial?
0 david echeta · April 22, 2016
for html5.....pls i want the code too
+1 Dhruv Singhal · June 2, 2016
see your question is not at all clear to me.
0 Adam Larosa · June 2, 2016
Please be more specific
0 Scott Walker · June 2, 2016
I think it's an issue with the site rather than Ken. I think he posted this under the specific tutorial video which says something like "Start a forum post about this tutorial" but just puts the post in the correct forum subtype rather than specify which tutorial it is.
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