Admin login redirect dashboard in php

+9 Gopinath E · January 20, 2016
Admin login the page redirect dashboard in tutorial not shown and also 
how to user activate and deactivate

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0 JP Gupta · January 19, 2017
yes sir,
plz make
+1 Dhruv Singhal · January 22, 2017
that should be easy for you if u guys have seen the tutorial series carefully
+3 pwntastic _ · January 22, 2017
Think outside of the box.  Don't just follow tutorials with tunnel vision.  Consider that there are many resources available to you.  

If you want to be a developer you will have to come up with ways of doing things.

In this case, I googled "redirecting with php" for your first question and the answer came up on the first link for me.

Your second question depends on your set up which shouldn't be difficult to figure out on your own.  
0 Samuel Martin · April 23, 2017
There are scripts out there for this, but like pwntastic said, you can do it in so many different ways. You should get started first.
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