Andriod Studio:Gradle sync failed

+1 Kurirai Mahamba · January 18, 2016
Hi Everyone
I have just downloaded Android Studio and Java JDK onto Windows 10.
I have tried to create a new project and I keep getting the message attached below.

Gradle sync failed: Could not run build action using Gradle installation 'C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio3\gradle\gradle-2.8'. Consult IDE log for more details

Please help.


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0 Gary Whitney · January 19, 2016
Gradle sync usually occurs after you edit a gradle  file or you download new updates,

What do you see if you click 6 Android Monitor?
0 Kurirai Mahamba · January 20, 2016
Thank you you reply Gary.

please see the snap shot below.


I am new to coding and  sure what that message means.
0 Gary Whitney · January 20, 2016
Why is there an Android Studio 3 in your path? I believe it should be just Android Studio
1.explore the path starting at C:
You should find each folder as you go deeper.
If I am right you will find C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\gradle\gradle-2.8
2. Truthfully I am not sure how to correct it but I did find this while browsing thru the gradle files.
# For more details on how to configure your build environment visit
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