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+1 Hebba Elanny · August 2, 2014
Hi every one 
i have a really beginner question, its about visual studio , i want to program C++ using different IDE other than CodeBlocks , so if i buy visual studio would that include C++ IDE ?, and if yes then what is Visual C++?
Many thanks 

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+1 pratt 15 · August 2, 2014
Can i make windows applications in visual studio using java? What is the best option to create a windows application using java?;)
+1 Hebba Elanny · August 2, 2014
Thank you all for the information.
cave johnson  i want to ask you about the free express version , is it  "Express 2013 for Windows" in this link
Many thanks 
+1 pratt 15 · August 2, 2014
Brano L. 

+1 Grant _ · August 3, 2014
@pratt 15
there is a plugin to support java inside visual studio, but it's not something I would recommend doing. Take a look at 
if you're set on using java with vs.

It's also important to note that if you are a student at a university, Microsoft offers a ton of free products including MSVC professional.
+1 Hebba Elanny · August 5, 2014
Thank you all 
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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