Android Studio Is not working properly

+1 Obaid Syed · January 17, 2016
I have downloaded Android studio and it's not properly functioning and my avd is also not working. Kindly help me.

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0 Gary Whitney · January 17, 2016
I noticed your screenshot has API18 next to the droid icon.
if you change it back to 23 it should render.

API23  is Marshmallow and a lot has changed including the blank activity, which now includes a floating action icon.
API 23 did away with the action bar in favor of a tool bar.
If you are trying to follow along with the tutorials, then try this:
* Create an Empty Activity.
* Don't change the type of activity i.e. leave AppCompat
* See that little droid icon with 23 next to it. Change it to 21. That is what was used at the time the tutorials were created.
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