unable to launch avd emulator

+2 VAMSI KRISHNA · January 17, 2016
it says you need to install hax kernel module but it is installed already. what should i do now.

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0 Ryan Kua Zai hong · January 25, 2016
hi Nicholas Eason,
Thank you very much for the reply. 

This problem only surfaced after i followed the video tutorial to install JAVA jdk and android SDK, so i assumed that the installation of these 2 software are the cause. I have not done anything else during the installation.  What could have happen during installation which disable/corrupt the GPU driver ?

While waiting for replies, I even attempted "System Restore" before the 2 software are installed, however they are to no avail. The software are removed yet the resolution still problem persisted. This could highlight a problem bigger than gpu driver issue. My main concern is that the current resolution problem could just be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem in the OS, perhaps a system corruption ?
Is there anyway to check or should i just proceed with reinstalling the GPU driver ?

I am not sure if this information is going to help, while installing HAXM, I was informed that Vx-t is not turned on. 
+1 Nicholas Eason · January 25, 2016
Ryan, seeing as you weren't able to complete Step 2 of Gary's solution, I'm willing to doubt it has anything to do with:

emulator mode of an android device of some sort by accident

Your PC has not entered an emulator form of an android device, because that's not possible. Assuming you're on Windows, when no graphics drivers are available, it goes into a really low resolution, assuring you can always use the computer. More likely than not, this IS a graphics driver issue, and if it's not, then the list is potentially endless. It could be a problem with your Motherboard, it could be a problem with the monitor, etc, etc. Try reinstalling your graphics drivers and see if that fixes the issue.
0 Ryan Kua Zai hong · January 24, 2016
Hi Gary Whitney,

I was following the youtube tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKRWC3Q8wRw when
I encountered the same problem as OP. I then attempted to implement the solution proposed by you. However when I restarted my computer to enter bios, the screen was totally black and it only show the desktop when startup loading was done. The resolution is now fixed at 640 x 480 and "display device on: Mobile PC display". I am unable to change anything on the resolation and display.

This is definitely more than a GPU driver issue, my screen was black during startup where we are supposed to see the "bios" and "window" before entering desktop. Now i cannot even enter "bios" or safemode.
I am suspecting my PC has gone into emulator mode of an android device of some sort by accident. I would definitely like to fix this before going on to turn on intel Vx-T and installing HAXM .

My Java is jdk-8u72-windows-x64.exe and android studio is141.2456560-windows. GPU is GTX 970.

Please HELP !!!!
0 Jayanthkumar S · January 23, 2016
go to boot option and enable intel image haxm 
0 VAMSI KRISHNA · January 18, 2016
thank you for your reply..it helped me.
+2 Gary Whitney · January 17, 2016
Unfortunately there is more to it than downloading the exe file.

There are different AVDs, Those that use x86 and those that don't.

If you have  and Intel processor that supports HAXM then you can use the AVDs that use x86 system images.

Click the device you want to use in AVD manager and click the  edit icon.

   the second line down will confirm if the device is using an x86 system image.

If  you don't have and Intel processor you will need to clone the device and modify it so it has a non x86 system image.

If you do then here is my "canned" answer.

1. You need to have an Intel chip set that supports HAXM.

2. You have to turn it on in your BIOS

3. You need to download AND install HAXM in your SDK manager.

I found this link and followed instructions for installing using Studio >  Tools > Android> SDK Manager

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