Are there any good resources for web page design?

+1 AJ Abrahamsen · January 15, 2016
I am terrible at design.  I do not know how to layout a page to make it look good.  I don't know what colors go well together or how to choose fonts.    Does anyone have suggestions for resources that could help me with my design skills?  

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+1 Sampan Verma · January 16, 2016
Study Flat Design.
Just google it. It provides some design guidelines and will be very helpful.
+1 Gary Whitney · January 18, 2016
Sometimes you can learn from what not to do.
Google this
worlds worst web site
0 AJ Abrahamsen · January 17, 2016
Thanks for the replies.  Flat design. Is really what I want to know how to do.  I looked it up a while ago and didn't find too many good resources.  I will give it another shot though.
0 Zoe Schultz · February 2, 2016
If you're not that skilled, I'd recommend using a ready-made solution based on WordPress for example? They offer a set of themes so the only thing you might want to do is actually try out and see how it goes. From my own experience with clients who aren't knowledgeable about web design but want a decent site, WordPress is a very easy CMS (which stands for content management system) to operate even for people who get totally lost.  If I were you I'd look into a possibility of using a site builder with ready-made themes. 
0 Chev Chelios · April 7, 2016
Here are some links you can try

Also you can use something like this to determine which color theme you'd want (i didn't make this up, just copied from a professional designer that made a tutorial):

red = power, passion, strength excitement
orange = attention, cheerfulness, creativity, friendliness, courage, confidence
yellow = energetic, hapiness, lovelyness
green = harmony, nature, life, health, money
blue = peace, patience, trustworthyness
purple = power, nobility, wealth, wisdom, luxury, mystery
pink = care, peace, affection
brown = relaxation, confidence, durability, comfort, reliability

Mostly you'd want simplistic looks, no shadows on buttons, nice fonts, smooth animations etc.
You can also lookup some nice website designs that you like and copy some stuff. You don't have to be original from the start.
0 Eddie Craw · January 26, 2016
Why did you decide to go into design? Asking just because most designers are creative and arty people....They design, create something new. I guess there should be some kind of gift, but not only a wish.
0 Jeffrey Briceno · January 26, 2016
Material Design guide lines are simply awsome.
The color swatches are very clean. But also, Google teach you how make great layouts, not only for web, movile design as well.

Check materia design google's site at 
0 Gabriel Badiola · January 15, 2016
Try learning CSS first or CSS Frameworks such as Bootstrap ( for starters although there's a lot of resources through internet, but learning the basics would be great. :):)
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