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+1 Amani Samuel Kilimba · January 13, 2016
I'm using android studio 1.4, I have followed the tutorial number 33 about Overflow Menu and did the same way as Bucky demonstrated, but when I run the emulator it says "Unfortunately, OverflowMenu has stopped" Does anyone else experienced something like this? Anyone with an idea or a solution please! Thank you in advance.

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0 Gary Whitney · January 13, 2016
The solution is always with the problem.
You need to look at the error indicated in the Android Studio console, before you dismiss the notification on the device.
The error dump will eventually indicate a line of code in your app where the error originated..
0 Amani Samuel Kilimba · January 14, 2016
Thank you, ofcourse I found this as an error message "Unable to start activity ComponentInfo {com.kilimba.www.overflowmenu/com.kilimba.www.overflowmenu.MainActivity}: java.lang.IllegalStateException: This Activity already has an action bar supplied by the window decor. Do not request Window.FEATURE_SUPPORT_ACTION_BAR and set windowActionBar to false in your theme to use a Toolbar instead."

The problem is my android studio accepts only two themes "AppTheme" and AppTheme.NoActionBar" when I try to change the theme to a "Holo Light" for example, it says "Rendering Problems"
The following classes could not be instantiated:

More solution or help will be very appreciated. Thank you!
0 Gary Whitney · January 14, 2016
I don't know how to modify an Activity created with a Blank Activity to resolve this problem.
My work around solution is this:
* Create an Empty Activity.
* Don't change the type of activity i.e. leave AppCompat
* See that little droid icon with 23 next to it. Change it to 21.

Read this thread

If anyone has a better solution send me message.
0 Amani Samuel Kilimba · January 15, 2016
It worked, I have created a new project and change the API to 21 and it worked fine! Thank you.

Also, Is there any means of searching a question here in the forum (Java/Android Development) to see if it was already asked or if there is the similar question to avoid asking same/repeated questions? If no, I encourage Bucky to do so!
0 Gary Whitney · January 16, 2016
It depends on what section you are in.
If you are in videos, which is where I found your post, then no.
But once I click on your post I am transferred to forum, where I am writing this.
While in forum the search function is available. See your profile list on the left.

Of course you can just use the forum tab at the top of the site to get to forums.
Warning! when you first sign up for this site you get all the forums by default, so click on an android post to filter to just that forum.
If you wish to continue this conversation, then send me a message instead of posting a reply here.
I usually don't look at posts I have already responded to.
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