Apps crash with every lesson now from lesson 38.

+1 Jeroen van der Schalie · January 13, 2016
Hi there,

With great pleasure I am following the tutorial on Android Studio made by bucky. I have come to lessons numer 37 & 38 about broadcasting and 39 & 40 about threads. 

I have copied all scripts made on the video, I even tried to play with it a little. But my apps keep on crashing. I'm using Genymotion aswell as Bluestacks.
On both of them the apps crash. While up to lesson 36 everything ran great.

What could be the problem? Could it maybe be that I'm running 1.5.1 and the tutorial is done on 1.0.1?



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0 Gary Whitney · January 13, 2016
The most important information when an app crashes is the error messages that appear in the console at the bottom of the screen.
It will tell you where the error occurred in your code.

Also lessons 37 and 38 work together. One is a sender and the other is a a receiver.
39 and 40 work together. You got to have the handler for the thread to notify.
0 Jeroen van der Schalie · January 14, 2016
Hi Gary,

I know that those 2 are together. The same with 39 & 40.

Regarding the error. It doesn't show any error. Cause Android Studio says everything is working fine, but when I open it on my emulator. It crashes or better yet just disppears when I press the button.
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