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+4 Jonah Morrison · January 11, 2016
I know the site has been struggling with getting forum posts answered. I think the main reason is it is very separate from the site. Also I have noticed that there site has 10s of thousands of users but is not very active. I think this may be because there is no incentive to come back. We have got to find a way to keep people engaged. Heres my suggestion: In the stream we should have forum posts that have not been answered. So as people are scrolling they may be able to help. By having this in peoples stream they can help others more easily and people can get answers to their questions.


Forum Topic With Response Box
Forum Topic With Response Box

I hope this makes sense, if not just reply and I can try to explain more!

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+1 Glenn Cook · January 11, 2016
That is a good idea, like a side bar with a form stream from all users
+1 bakr saleh · January 11, 2016
I LIke that
+1 Nicholas Eason · January 12, 2016
I like the idea, and combining it with Glenn's idea is even better (making like, the top 10 visible to the whole site, like on a side-bar or something...). However, we don't want ONLY forum topics that haven't been answered showing up. 1 response doesn't always answer the question. I think there should be a little button at the top that is like "unanswered" and "recent". However, I'll be honest. There are forums I really don't care about on this website. For example, I could care less for the C forums, but I do care about the Java forums. Maybe he should add a subscribe feature to the forums, then show a forum stream to each user based on their subscribed forums? I don't know, but I do think the forums should be more active.
+1 Mohammad Slim · January 12, 2016
That's a great idea! 
+1 Gigi Jenner · January 14, 2016
Good idea. I like it.
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