Is it hard to make an Injector?

+2 MrSn0w M3n · January 10, 2016
Hello everybody, i wanted to ask you guys, how hard it is to make a DLL Injector for 32 and 64bit Applications ?
Is it extremly hard to make? 
Note: I am not trying to inject hacks, this i only for educational purpose as i just want to know how hard it is, and to understand how it works (working together with native code).
I mean there are not that many injectors out in the worldwideweb, so i thought thats maybe because it is a really hard task.
What are your thoughts about it?
Greetings, Sn0wM3n!

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0 Laura Lee · January 10, 2016
You can make a dll injector for 32 bit applications, but, the injector, dll and target process have to be under the same architecture. Meaning you can not inject a 32 bit module into a 64 bit module and vice verse, this is due to WOW64 virtualisation. You can inject a 64 bit module into a 64 bit module and vice verse. Now when I said you can't, I don't necessarily mean it's impossible, I mean Windows won't allow it by conventional means. You can inject a 32 bit module into a 64 bit module but you have to understand where to retrieve the base address of the 64bit ntdll automatically loaded into every process and you have to know how to make 64 bit calls from within your 32 bit dll. This involves handling the stack yourself, as well as stack alignment for 64 bit registers, you have to understand the ABI calling convention where as standard 32 bit on Windows uses stdcall. Overall, it's a pretty gruesome task but if you want to do it, you just need a lot of knowledge of the operating system.

As for basic injectors, the process is simple.

That's the most basic and easiest way of doing it. Of course, there are better, and less known ways of doing it as well.
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