cheap or free reliable web hosting?

+2 John A · January 10, 2016
I've been looking at the old Google, but can't seem to narrow one down.  Anyone got any suggestions on cheap or free webhosting sites?

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+1 AJ Abrahamsen · January 11, 2016
The guy in charge of eco Web hosting has a udemy course.  If you purchase his course you get free Web hosting for a year.  You can take the course for $10 if you sign up as a new udemy student or if you get one of the coupons they put out every other week.
+1 John A · January 13, 2016
I must be lost,  the sites I keep seeing are like $200 you by chance have a link?  
+1 Mustafa Fakhrualdin · January 14, 2016
Question: What web hosting does Google use? or does it make its host?

if so can you make your own web host?
+2 Jaehyun Lim · January 14, 2016
Not sure if its good, but it certainly works. 
+1 Nicholas Eason · January 14, 2016
Mustafa, you can host your own Website, but this requires you have your own server, and yes, Google hosts it's own servers as far as I know.
+1 Sampan Verma · January 16, 2016 will provide you free 10gb and as much as I know they are very slow and not much good. 000webhost haves some very good servers but they will give 1500mb for free only.
+2 Hunter Shutt · January 17, 2016 is a good and reliable free web hosting server, it does not come with a free domain name and will add an extension to your URL for your website. For example, if you type mywebsite for the name it would create or something random. BUT you can get a free domain name from various websites, one very popular one is
+1 John A · January 17, 2016
sweet, i appreciate all the replies!! ty
0 Eddie Craw · January 20, 2016
godaddy.... one of the most reliable ones. 
0 Laith Alzoubi · January 28, 2016 is good.
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