+1 Nikos Karavasilis · January 10, 2016
my best friend has the following project for tuesday..he has no idea about c++ GUI wih you have any idea about the solution,

Using the programming language C++ and the programming framework Qt, write a computer program that allows user to draw pictures using the mouse device. The program must have graphical user interface (GUI). The interface must provide user with the following drawing tools:

pencil -- draws a path with 1 pixel width;
brush -- allows different path widths;
square -- draw squares;
circle -- draw circles;
text input tool -- inserts text in selected area of the picture;
color selection tool -- allows user to select the color.
The program allows user to save the drawing as an image file in .bmp or .jpg file formats. The program allows user to open and edit both .bmp, and .jpg image files.

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0 Scott Walker · January 10, 2016
You try first, and we help if there are problems, you learn by doing, not letting people do it for you.
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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