Problem with the virtual phone

+4 Eldar Shmueli · January 9, 2016
Hey there!
I did what ever you done until this video and now when I tried to open the virtual phone it is opening the phone's window and loading by the black screen and the "Android" in the middle of the screen and stuck right here. I have let that load for a hour and its still load. Can someone help me please?

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0 Gary Whitney · January 9, 2016
15 minutes is too long. It must have encountered some type of error.

check the various tabs at the bottom of your screen to see if there is a message indicating what happened.

Search this forum. The problem of using a graphics accelerator and alternative methods is posted several times a day. 
Try unchecking Use GPU in you device configuration.
You should only check if you have a graphics accelerator installed.
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