Rendering Problems in All Themes

+2 Nathan Sottek · January 9, 2016
Hello all! I am new to Android development and am consequently following along with Bucky's beginner videos. 

I have run into a problem though that I would love some help with. Here goes:

I can successfully create a project under all of the default settings, but when I try to change the theme to anything other than one starting with AppTheme (like to Material.Light for example), I am met with rendering problems. I have no idea where to start looking to correct this issue as I have not changed any of the settings other than what was instructed in the video. 

Here are a few screen shots below. Thanks in advance!


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0 Paul Miil · January 28, 2016
So google seriously dropped the ball... then slipped on it.

With only "hello world" code, API23 won't open the default "blank"? wow. 
How could they let that go out the door? I say wow again.
0 Nathan Sottek · January 14, 2016
Actually, just to clear it up for anyone who ever has the same issue, I found a way to fix the issue from the beginning. 

Originally I had API 23 installed in addition to API 21. This caused my default settings to be those of API 23, so even in the code there were traces of the Toolbar and Activity Button. These caused just about everything to crash since I wasn't using them.

I was able to make API 21 the default build API by going into the preferences and opening the SDK manager. In the SDK manager I deleted API 23 and made sure that API 21 was the only one installed.

After rebooting Android Studio and creating a new project, everything worked just like in the tutorials.
0 Nathan Sottek · January 13, 2016
That did the trick, thanks for the help! I assume that as I progress I'll be able to include the necessary style elements. 
0 Umair Ahmad Ch · January 10, 2016
same problem here :( 
+1 Gary Whitney · January 9, 2016
API23  is Marshmallow and a lot has changed including the blank activity, which now includes a floating action icon.
API 23 did away with the action bar in favor of a tool bar.
Try this:
* Create an Empty Activity.
* Don't change the type of activity i.e. leave AppCompat
* See that little droid icon with 23 next to it. Change it to 21. That is what was used at the time the tutorials were created.
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