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+8 Liv Vestvik · January 8, 2016
Can you help testing a new 3D online modeling site that is under development?

Any kind of feedback are appreciated. 

Please let me know if we can do any changes to make it more userfriendly and easy to use.

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0 Liv Vestvik · June 8, 2016

Which browser and operating system are you using?

Could you try installing google chrome?

Thanks for testing :-)
+1 Tan Kean Lee · April 29, 2016
I got this message:

Hmm. While your browser seems to support WebGL, it is disabled or unavailable. If possible, please ensure that you are running the latest drivers for your video card.

For more help, please click this link.

How to fix it?
+1 Charles Derr · February 13, 2016
I had a few minutes to play around with your site. I did not make anything just tested it out. It seemed to work well, just when you click on vertices and then click one or more corners it stays selected on all of them till you click on the again. So if you move one then go on to move another you have to unclick the previous one. In my opinion it should uncheck the previous vertices unless you hold CTRL then it will select multiple edges surfaces and so on. Other than that I do believe your site could become something big for  someone who wants to get into modeling. Plus you could possibly add a page for tutorials to use your program that will explain some of the functions so new comers will know how to use it.
+1 Charles Derr · February 13, 2016
I looked for a site that has it archived, but to no avail. The only thing I have for any Autodesk products is a universal keygen maker. I even looked to see if Autodesk has an archive page and nothing there just hot fixes and updates for 2010.
+1 Liv Vestvik · January 22, 2016
Any comments on this new web site?
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