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+2 ROb S · January 8, 2016
Hi guys,

I have some problems with application development in android studio. I'm a beginner.
I'm trying to create a slider/seekbar and link that to a picture. If the user scrolls through the seekbar/slider the picture changes on a other activity. (value from 0 to 9)

I can pay you if you help me(no idea how much), my guess is that it takes 1 hour or less for somebody with more experience. I have a proof of concept, so you can clearly see what needs to be done.
Contact me if you want to help me.

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0 Gary Whitney · January 8, 2016
I think chapter 3 of "Android 5 Programming by Example" has what you want.
You should be able to preview it on Packit Publishing or O'reily Media.
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