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+2 Suraj Gautam · January 7, 2016
Hello peeps,
I am new to Java and my teacher has given me project to make Population Clock in Java. I have experience of C language. I have gone through Bucky's Java tutorial. I have idea of object oriented programming language. 
About Project:
I have to make Population Clock in Java which shows the population with respect to time. The population must be changed within a second (Either increase or Decrease). Please give me idea how to start it?
What things I must know to complete this project?

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0 Nicholas Eason · January 12, 2016
Contrary to what Gary said, I'd probably stay away from making the population increase then decrease as a set pattern. It's just a little thing, but I'd probably use a random number to determine that too, since it seems to make more sense (in my eyes, at least.) like that.
0 Gary Whitney · January 12, 2016
All I do is Google it e.g. java timer examples.
However, since you asked for a link ...

I find the mkyong site examples are easy to understand.
0 Suraj Gautam · January 12, 2016
Thank You very much Gary Whitney. If you have any link related to timer then please forward it :)
+1 Gary Whitney · January 7, 2016
Here are my ideas:
1. You need a timer.  - See javax.swing, or goggle java timer
2. You are going to need a random number for the populationChange. - See the math class.
3. You have to decide whether to increase of decrease. -  I would do something simple like if ((populationChange % 2) == 0)
4. The user interface depends on if you are suppose to use a GUI or not.

These are just my ideas. There are always other ways.

Good Luck
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