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+1 Rafae Raees · January 4, 2016
Hey, can someone help me ? I want to start programming in python but as you can see there are 3 choices. Which one should I follow and why ? /images/forum/upload/2016-01-04/2034819be1743ecf5f0bcd89cc86318a.png

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0 Sjoerd van den Belt · January 5, 2016
I would personally start with the python 3 tut. because it is more up to date and links to the other projects on TNB, like creating a network sniffer. Besides I think python 3 will be the most common in the future anyway. After you learned the basics, you should try out GUI.
0 Rafae Raees · January 5, 2016
alright thanks man.
0 James Kon · January 6, 2016
Python 3, it's newer and it is using the most updated features.
0 Rafae Raees · January 6, 2016
ok, thanks
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