Hover effect on imagemap only with CSS, is it possible?

+1 Domenico Venturin · January 4, 2016
Hi, I wanna ask you guys if is possible to have an hover effect (only hover effect changing the background color or opacity, not click event required) on an imagemap only with CSS, not JQuery o Javascript?

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0 Domenico Venturin · January 5, 2016
Thanks Darren but maybe I didn't explain the question on the right way.
I have an image (a calendar) and I created an imagemap with 12 areas, one for every month, I'd like to have an over effect when I put my mouse on a month.
The image is in a div but every area of the imagemap is not in div, obviously.
I attach two images so you can see what I mean.

This first image is when I load the page

This second image is when I put the mouse up a month, for example January.

At the moment, I have this effect trough a script that I found on internet (ImageMapser) but I'd like to have the same effect only with CSS, if is it possible.
0 Darren Reeder · January 5, 2016
Can you use a CSS selector? 

background-color: blue;

background-color: white;

Just google it Domenico!
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