Okay,after watching a video  'C Programming Tutorial - 39 - int and float Arrays'.
I came up with my own program but I am having something wierd happening here.
So if I try to enter some numbers, variables totalGirls; and avgGirls; end up being very big what is wrong with this code?

int main()
  int totalGirls=0,i,firstYear,yearsOfDating,year1;
  int girls[20];

  printf("What year did you have a first date? \n");
  scanf(" %d", &firstYear);

if(firstYear>2016 || firstYear<1900){
    printf("You have entered a wrong year.");
    return 1;
    yearsOfDating = 2016-firstYear;

  for(i=0; i<yearsOfDating; i++){
    printf("How man girls did you date in year %d? \n", firstYear++);
    scanf("%d", &girls);
for(i=0; i<yearsOfDating; i++){
    totalGirls += girls;

float avgGirls = ((float)totalGirls) / ((float)yearsOfDating);

printf("You have dated total of %d girls.\n2Your average number of dated girls equals: %.5f.", totalGirls, avgGirls);
    return 0;