which all views should be turned on?

+1 Lakhan Bhagnani · January 4, 2016
your windows look like this
and mine window looks like this
what should i do please suggest anyone!!

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0 David Frenzel · January 14, 2016
Bucky explained that several times! 

You see the navigation on the left side? 
1. Expand app folder
2. If you need to edit the Manifest expand the manifests folder
3. Expand the java folder and then the first of the two folders
4. Expand the res folder to get access to layout/string/color/style/etc files
0 James henter · January 15, 2016
Right-click jump to source. 
Under res
0 Gary Whitney · January 16, 2016
1. What you see depends on where you are.

    I noticed you are in Application test. which is under androidTest

    Did you mean to be in the application which is under main?

2. If you ever close a view and you didn't mean to you can click the little monitor icon in the lower left corner to bring it back.
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