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+1 Romesh Binwani · December 30, 2015

I am new in android programming and learning from tutorials.

In tutorials all examples are made on Android studio 1.0 in which there is not content_main.xml.

When I am downloading Android studio 1.5 is downloaded in which content_main.xml is there.

Please suggest whether i should go with 1.5 or I need to download 1.0.


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0 Romesh Binwani · January 4, 2016
Thanks Gary for the response let me check.

0 Gary Whitney · December 31, 2015
The latest version supports Marshmallow and this causes some confusion because it favors toolbars over actionbars.
If you simply replace the code in the blank activity with the code in the video you get rendering problems, because the actionbar is not part of the theme that the blank activity provided.
I just did a quick check and I don't see where downloading 1.0 is an option.
Therefore I suggest the following. It worked for other new students.

* Create an Empty Activity.
* Don't change the type of activity i.e. leave AppCompat
* See that little droid icon with 23 next to it. Change it to 21. That is what was used at the time the tutorials were created.
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