computer doesn't support virtualization.

+1 NettieLee Riptara · December 30, 2015
Hey guys I'm new! I've been searching for three days for my issue with no promising results. 
To preempt any repeat suggestions, I have done pretty much every step. 
I installed hax kernel in the android studio
I enabled virtualization in bios, 
I went to the turn windows features on and off and there doesn't seem to be hyper V there as an option. 
I tried to download haxm as a file and have been informed that my computer does not support virtualization. 
also dont appear to have avast on my computer

I have a great app lined up and already bought the web domain.,. I really want to do this. should I give up hope?

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0 Ian Arbuckle · December 30, 2015
You may have a AMD processor so I suggest finding another emulator with x86 system images. This thread should help you
0 Gary Whitney · December 30, 2015
I am confused by your post.

"I enabled virtualization bios"
conflicts with
"I tried to download haxm as a file and have been informed that my computer does not support virtualization."
First things first: Do you have an Intel CPU? HAXM is only for Intel CPUs.

What if you edit your AVD and uncheck the enable GPU. Do you still get the error?
Probably not. But it will be slow to load. The good news is you can just leave it running once it builds the device.
There is a snapshot checkbox (below GPU) that is suppose to make it load faster in the future.

A little background.
Usually A.S. only installs HAXM if you have an Intel PC.
I have a AMD CPU in one of my computers.
A.S. populated my device list with arm not x86 virtual devices for me to use.
It was very slow so I switched to my laptop that had Intel CPU and supported graphics acceleration.
Just for grins I installed Genymotion on the AMD computer to see if that was faster. I didn't care for it. But other say it is very fast. (see below)
To use Genymotion you still have to turn on the BIOS and then you run the equivalent to HAXM. The you can finally use a GeneMotion device for the emulator.
I would read about it before installing it.

Below is a quote from another user.

Yeah It's Awesome,
Simply Download the Genymotion From the Website!/download

Setup Your Android Sdk Path in Genymotion
Add Your Custom Devices

Go To Android Studio Setting
now Switch to the Plugin Section and Type Genymotion, there you can install plugins for android studio...

Now Open the Genymotion First, the run app from studio, there is showing genymotion online, that's how it works.
0 Monty Mason · January 3, 2016
Do you have any physical android devices? If so, you can always try and use them in place of the emulator. To test on different devices granted you can't get your devices to hook up to Android Studio, simply generate and install an apk file each time.

Tedious I know, but it works as that is what I do with my laptop (incapable of supporting virtualization) when I don't access to my desktop (capable of supporting virtualization).
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