Why does this site have such a horrible user experience?

+1 Joseph Mills · December 28, 2015
I've tried 3 different browsers and am having the following problems across all 3 of them:

* The vertical menu on the left side doesn't scroll...if I open a heading that extends past the screen, I can't see the whole list.

* I can't view a list of the individual forums...navigation is impossible.

* I actually came here looking for the visual basic tutorial but the search feature can't seem to find it (and I can't see it in the menu on the left side because the menu doesn't scroll down).

If I am doing something wrong, it's not apparent to me what it is.  I've been using internet forums for 20 years and I've never seen one that was so difficult to use.  Is there some way to adjust the options so it works better?

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0 Developer John · December 28, 2015
Have you contacted Bucky Roberts? 
0 Mohammad Slim · December 29, 2015


Thats the link for the VB Tutorials .. You can find all of Newbostons Tutorials on Bucky's youtube Channel, Thenewboston ... 

Personally I don't know what's going on with you ... but I find this website really user friendly :) and everything is working fine with me .. 
+1 Once Online · December 29, 2015
Definitely contact Bucky Roberts!
+1 Bucky Roberts · December 29, 2015
We are working on these issues  now. There were a lot of changes we needed to make whenever we switched to a responsive design. There are still A LOT of bugs & improvements needed to be made, but we are working on them.
+1 Darryl Sumner · December 29, 2015
I can't scroll on the left side either, the side bar stops in Python at the returns tutorial.
+1 nmelssx nmelssx · December 31, 2015
I can scroll just fine.
0 Michael Bianchi · December 31, 2015
Considering this entire site was built most-likely by 1 or 2 people, it is quite a feat. Building a "Facebook" experience took thousands of people, millions of dollars, and more than 10 years to get it to where it is now.

That being said, this is a coding forum. Perhaps you should post some code that addresses your problems. You can right click any part of the site and select "view source" to make changes on your own workstation and post a suggestion instead of complaining.
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