What are the alternatives for developing android application?

+1 hs clover · December 26, 2015
I tried to develop an android application that will be used to calculate electricity bill in a house using android studio and Genymotion as the emulator. But i encountered some problems as the laptop i used is running out of RAM if i were using both of them at the same time. When i tried using Genymotion to run the application, the emulator will tell me "unfortunately, application has stopped.". I struggled to find the problem because the android studio sometimes are running fine and sometimes dont. It will lag most of the time together with Genymotion. 

As i am running out of time for the developing process, I would like to seek some alternatives for developing android application instead of using Android Studio. I have Adobe Flash, Flash Builder and Unity in my laptop as well.
My laptop is 2.5GB of RAM. Is there any other software to develop the android applications without upgrading my RAM?

Thank you.

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0 hs clover · December 28, 2015
May i know what do you mean by running two emulator devices at the same time?
Can i run the application in Genytmotion without openning up android studio? or somthing else?
0 Gary Whitney · December 26, 2015
1. If you try to run two emulated devices at the same time, you probably will run out of ram, unless you change your allocated ram.
I suggest only running one device at a time.

2. When the application has stopped.
Look in the logCat for the source of the error.
If your app has multiple Activities. Don't close the message on the AVD. That way the error will still be in logCat, because you are still on the activity that caused the error.
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