Two beginner Python courses?

+1 Nikola Pepic · December 24, 2015
Python or Python 3...which course should I start with?

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0 Patrick Malara · January 4, 2016
It depends on which version of python you want to use. If you want to program in the newest version of Python then pick the Python 3 course. If you want to program in an earlear version of Python then pick the Python course.

I suggest picking the Python 3 course though.
+1 Mustafa Fakhrualdin · January 14, 2016
I started with Python3 and im pretty good beast at python programming now!
0 AJ Abrahamsen · January 15, 2016
Python 3.  It is the present and future of the language.  I started learning to code with Python3 and I have yet to run into any situation where I needed to use older Python versions.
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