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+2 Orlando Joseph · December 23, 2015
I have been watching your videos and there is something that i see you do often that i cannot do myself. What i am talking about is when you create a button you have that yellow light bulb next to the button where you can click that and create a string resource. For the life of me whenever i create a button that does not show up for me at all. I have tried reinstalling the Android Studio several times but have had no luck solving this. I am pretty sure it might be simple setting that i need to change but i just do not know where this is. 

Also if this is not where i should post questions like this, i apologize, and where would be the proper place to post these questions?


Orlando Joseph

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0 RAKSHIT MEHRA · December 24, 2015
maybe you need to update your tools in sdk manager
ANDROID SDK BUILD TOOLS(for the android version that you use in AVD) 
and for your light bulb problem you can solve it in strings.xml file by getting the id of the string from the
text part of the activity's xml file. 
0 Gary Whitney · December 23, 2015
This is the right place to post for help.

The light bulb will appear anytime it thinks it can improve your code style.
As for the button, the bulb should appear when you type in the text property, because you are using a hard coded string.

Here is a related tip.
Alt + Enter is shortcut to intentions. For example, you can create resources from hard code e.g. strings. Put the cursor on the string and press Alt + Enter and A.S. will generate the resource.
How cool is that!
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