Failed to Resolve : junit:junit:4.12

+1 Prakhar Aditya · December 22, 2015
Hello, I have installed Android Studio 1.4.1 and it show the problem 

Failed to Resolve : junit:junit:4.12

Help me Please!!!

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0 Gary Whitney · December 22, 2015
It is buried deep within the Users\yourName\ .gradle installation.

My best guess is you have an incomplete installation.
Can you open the SDK manager and check for updates or "partial installations"?
+1 Jagdeep Matharu · December 22, 2015
whats your build.gradle?
+1 Jagdeep Matharu · December 22, 2015
try adding

maven { 
url ''

in repositories{...}
if still not then move the repositories{....} out of buildScript {...}
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