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+1 jeevan reddy · December 21, 2015
i'm facing problem while running the android studio launcher, I've installed jdk file and also created JAVA_HOME path in environment variables still it is saying that "no jvm installed,install a 32-bit JDK", the OS I'm using is 64-bit

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0 Gary Whitney · December 21, 2015
There seems to an incompatibility between Android Studio (AS) and your Java JDK.

Did you have a previously installed jdk before you installed  AS?
If you didn't Android Studio would correctly install it for you.

If you are using Windows ...
Your JDK should be installed in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_66 or whatever rev you are using.
If it is installed in C:\Program Files(x86) then you do not have the 64 bit version.
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