Ubuntu server with webmin

+1 Alexander Rackliff · August 1, 2014
I've set up ubuntu server in virtual box with webmin but i can't seem to set up oxwall for testing and just playing around with css and php. Can anyone help?

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0 Ashish Ahuja · August 3, 2014
What problem are you facing?
0 Alexander Rackliff · August 6, 2014
it sends me to the install page but it saying there is an error
0 Colonel Panic · October 13, 2014
Use vagrant for this, makes things easy for testing, plus it is a good skill to have.  I have tried webmin, but never seen it used in a production system.  
0 brandon zuelke · October 26, 2014
Why use Ubuntu when CentOS is so much better. At least in my opinion. I just like the fact that it's a RedHat type distro.
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