Tutorial 2 - Company Domain

+1 Chirag Arora · December 19, 2015
what to write there if i donot have my own website?

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0 Gary Whitney · December 20, 2015
If you are not going to publish the app, you can just make something up.
What it does is provide a unique package name for your projects.
0 Chirag Arora · December 21, 2015
i want to publish the app but donot have a website domain
so what to write in company domain?
0 Gary Whitney · December 21, 2015
The whole point of the company domain is to ensure a unique handle. This is one reason why most sites ask you to use your email address to login. Email addresses are unique.
I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU USE YOUR EMAIL. I am merely pointing out that it is not uncommon to require a unique identification. That was the idea behind the Social Security Number.

Make something up, like you do when you create a password. e.g. Carora.com then google it to see if it exists, and it does. Try something else like CaroraDroids.com. or CaroraDroids.info
Nothing says that someone won't come along and register the domain CaroraDroids.com or CaroraDroids.info.

But for now just make something up and get on with it. You can always get a website when you have a product.

P.S. Publishing to your own phone doesn't require a genuine website. But Google Play will require one.
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