+1 Rahul Kumar Yadav · December 18, 2015
how to RESOLVE this error? :'( it's showing while installing android studio(at the end of installing)/images/forum/upload/2015-12-18/680381dc512dd5f3afbdac3b190a9da7.png

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0 Myron Ortiz · December 18, 2015
You would have to turn on Virtualization in your BIOS. When you turn on your computer you'll see texts in the upper corner or lower corner of your screen depending on your brand. You'll find something like "F1 Setup" or "F1 BIOS". It's doesn't necessarily need to be F1. It would depend on your computer. Reboot again and keep pressing the designated key. You'll find yourself in BIOS, then look for the Virtualization setting and turn it on. :)
0 Gary Whitney · December 18, 2015
You have to turn it on in your bios.
Apparently your computer has an Intel CPU but not a separate graphics card. Foll this link for complete details.
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