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+1 Jesse Pitman · December 16, 2015
What are some other ways to style your html besides css?

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0 Ray LeDuc · December 18, 2015
CSS is how you add style to a web page, however there is also frameworks like bootstrap that can be of great assistance for that but it is still just css that doses the styling.
0 Kaveh Greenwood · December 29, 2015
Bootstrap is a CSS framework. I think CSS is the most beneficial way to style a wbsite.
+1 Michael Bianchi · December 31, 2015
At the core of any website is a CSS style for styling. There used to be some proprietary languages that handled styling but none are standard anymore.

Technically, you can probably style an entire website with jQuery or php, exampled below, but there is no reason to and it is inefficient to do so. It is not only more tedious for you, it is also unnecessarily resource-heavy.

    <?php $blue = "color: blue"; ?> <!-- Style with php, reference this in style tag -->
    <div id="aBox" style="">This is a box</div>
    <p id="aParagraph">This is a paragraph</p>

        $("aParagraph").css("color", "#1f1f1f"); // That's how you do css with jQuery

0 Ciobanu Victor · December 31, 2015
there is no other way better than css
0 Ian Arbuckle · January 1, 2016
You can try use LESS or SASS which are CSS libraries. 
+1 Chong Zhi Rui · January 2, 2016
There are no other way to style, CSS is the only way.

Someone mentioned about LESS/SASS, those are css preprocessor, it will eventually been processed and compiled to CSS too.
0 Zoe Schultz · February 2, 2016
No other ways but good old CSS, I'm afraid :ermm: But I suggest you should google LESS ans SASS things as well as the concept of Zen Coding... It will definitely be helpful if you want to learn how to code faster and more efficiently. ;)
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