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+1 abhi gambhir · December 18, 2015
thnx bucky your are helping programmers alot..thanks alot buddy i appreciate your work...i m just new to this world and know c,c++ mainly. I am interested in android development and have also thought to do ios development after getting much skills in i choosing d right path or should i do directly ios?? and i wanted to ask that does android development requires deep should i watch all your java videos i.e beginners as well as intermediate and den switch to android?

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0 Gary Whitney · December 18, 2015
Bucky depends on other users to respond to these posts. He would never have the time to develop anything new.

Android programming requires a knowledge of Java. You can get by knowing C++. Just like you may read Portuguese if you can read Spanish. There are some differences so you may not always understand what was the intent.

I don't know about ios. I am not an Apple user. However it does similar things to Android so what you learn in one may apply to the other.
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Java / Android Development


Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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