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+3 abhi gambhir · December 16, 2015
i m just new to this world and know c,c++ mainly. I am interested in android development and have also thought to do ios development after getting much skills in i choosing d right path or should i do directly ios?? and i wanted to ask that does android development requires deep should i watch all sir bucky's java videos i.e beginners as well as intermediate and den switch to android??

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0 Nitin poojary · December 18, 2015
Yes You should first refer to java concepts and then go for android.. And all the best man.
0 AdamĀ  Fei · December 19, 2015
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0 Anca Piticariu · September 15, 2016

I am really new to all of this and i started watching the tutorials on building an android app using Android Studios. I just finished the 17 th tutorial and i started the 18th but i have a problem and i tried everything but nothing. Basically the light bulb in the main activity, design view doesn't should anymore and don't know how to extract a string resource. I had no problem doing that in the previous tutorials. Help! :)

Have a good day,
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Hey guys, can somebody tell me how to clear this error. I don't know how, but it says "Cannot resolve symbol 'R' ".