I can't scroll down the topics

+2 Michael Adjeisah · December 15, 2015
Hi guys, I'm going through the jquery tutorials but for some reason i can't scroll down the topics. Any help?

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0 Christopher Neal · December 18, 2015
Reload the page I have that issue too. The page just needs to load fully. 
0 shamantha madusanka · December 26, 2015
sure i it headache for me
0 sanjeev kumar · December 29, 2015
If you are still facing this issue. So you can try this one also (Right click on the left hand side bar which is in black background, open inspect element and search id="main-menu-inner" you will get CSS attribute overflow:hidden change this attribute value hidden to scroll . And after that you will able to scroll this side bar menu). Good luck.
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