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+1 Ayal Keren · December 12, 2015
been updating the android studio build to the latest, and since then all the imports are not working.
what can I do?

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0 Ayal Keren · February 26, 2016
Found this solution:
File > Invalidate Caches / Restart... and Invalidate and Restart to solve the issue.
I hope it would solve my problem
0 Ayal Keren · December 26, 2015
Dear Gary Whitney,
I have forgot to mention that I had formatted my laptop and installed the windows 10 and with it the latest android studio and installed it according to the Bucky's videos.
So yes, I did uninstalled the previous version.
Didn't understood the steps you mentioned.
0 Sirius Black · December 15, 2015
Try restarting your pc.
It worked for me.
0 Ayal Keren · December 15, 2015
Sirius Black, thanks for the reply but it didn't helped :(
0 Gary Whitney · December 17, 2015
Did you uninstall the previous versions?
If you did then you will no longer have the build and tools referenced in your gradle.
1. Open your SDK manager to see what version you have.
2. Open your module level build.gradle.
3. Compare the two.
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